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yo33331 said:
PAOerfulone said:

It also stretches its lead over the Xbox One to 2/3rd of a million - Which is what the Xbox One will be lucky to achieve this year if it continues its steady decline at this rate.

Really ?

Xbox One is slightly ahead of 360 in 2015, which did 930k for the year.

If it keeps the same pace of declining it should reach 1 full million by end of the year, what 2/3rds are you talking about ?

And no, it is not luck, it's something normal. Even the 1M this year is something normal. More than 1M for the year will be luck.

39,4391,417,786106,1432,085,766+ 66,704+ 667,980


That's the 2/3rds of a million that I'm talking about. (It stretches it's lead over the Xbox One to 2/3rds of a million; 667k, is roughly 2/3rds of 1 million.)

With each passing week, the Xbox One's baseline has gradually declined. That 14,509 it just posted is the lowest number it has put up. The lows are getting lower. 

January - 24,456

February - 23,346 (- 1,110)

March - 20,292 (- 3,054)

April - 17,354 (- 2,938)

May - 15,112 (-2,242)

The baseline drops another 1-3k by the 1st week of each new month. At this rate, it may be under 10k by the time we hit September. What indication or reason do we have to believe that the baseline will remain where it is or just magically start climbing back up? Especially as eyes, attention, and resources shift more and more to the Xbox Series? That's why I said it would be lucky to hit 2/3rds of 1 million on the year, because we have seen no indication and have no reason to believe that this free-fall will stop any time soon. Right now, the bottom is falling out. The Wii U's baseline in May 2016 was selling at almost double the Xbox One's baseline is currently and the Wii U ended up at 1.16 million. And the Wii U had the benefit of not having its successor launching until the next year, the Xbox One does not. 

You bring up the 360, but here's the thing. The 360 had A LOT more going in its favor than the Xbox One ever had. Sales, marketing, game library, momentum, reputation. Once upon a brief time, the 360 was the market leader of the 7th generation, and it was ultimately the winner in North America, which largely carried it in its later years. Two things which the Xbox One does not have in its favor. The fact that you felt the need to compare the Xbox One, in its first year after the launch of its (thus far, considerably successful, fairly well received) successor, to the Xbox 360 in its second year after the launch of its (not so successful, poorly received, some would even call failure) successor, should tell you right there just how bleak the future looks for the Xbox One.