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Dulfite said:
SKMBlake said:

No, as soon as they announce a 4K Switch DLSS at 399$, the sales of the original Switch will remain the same.

At this point all the hardcore people have basically already bought a Switch (over 80 million sold). The vast majority of the remaining 30-50 million buyers are either repeat buyers (malfunctioning hardware so buying another one, made a silly decision to sell Switch and want to buy one again, want multiple Switch's for convenience/family) or casuals that take a long time to come around. Casuals don't care about Pro models, so they want wait to buy a Switch before now and when the Pro comes out, and when the Pro comes out they will probably just be like "cool, I guess I'll get that one" and not think about it too much.

If Nintendo announced a Pro model around the time they came out with Lite then this would be a problem. But we are now 4+ years into the life of the system. This can only help them propel Switch sales.

There may be some truth here, but the 4K Switch Pro won't be like the New 3DS which is a bit faster but where most of the new software is still compatible with the original 3DS, this is going to be close to a 2 generation leap in graphics.  I don't see how the original Switch is going to be getting much (if any) of the software that is being developed for the successor as you will basically need to create 2 separate games.  I don't see how even semi-casual gamers will be as likely to want to buy a handheld that may not be getting new games in 2022 other than maybe a sympathy port of BotW2 like the way that the Wii U got BotW.

I am not saying I want to see the OG Switch get phased out.  In fact, I think that it is quite likely that Nintendo may not reveal new hardware at all at this point like people are expecting.  Nintendo may let the original Switch run its course and once sales start to dip below 300k per week, reveal the new model.  Keep in mind that this may not happen this year.