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Azzanation said:
curl-6 said:

Gen 7 was close because Sony fucked up badly with the PS3 and MS took good advantage of their missteps.

The exact same point can be made with Gen 8 which was fucked up by MS which Sony took good advantage of their missteps.

Series S/X isn't competing with the PS5 head on like traditional rivals anymore, as its not the only primary selling point for Xbox in Gen 9.
Its not about selling hardware but selling subscriptions. Xbox hardware it just an alternative and an option to get into Live/GP. This isn't Nintendo vs Sega anymore, those days are over, as much as many still want to believe its the same thing, its not.

Is that the exact same point? When MS fucks up Sony wins. When Sony fucks up, Sony still wins even with MS having 1 year head start.

I don't understand the deflection. This is about a prediction of console sales. Either that is true or false.
But if you only care about subscriptions... Sony has their own subscription in PS+ and it sells more than 2x as much as GP.
And their GP numbers are including PC subscriptions where Sony isn't even competing now.
GP isn't finding massive more success than PS+, even as percentage of Xbox/Playstation install base, let alone shifting user base share.

Last edited by mutantsushi - on 02 June 2021