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dark_gh0st_b0y said:
S.Peelman said:

Anyway, besides the great show, I can also be happy with the fact that Greece’s entry won a cool 10th place. She lives in Utrecht so that’s partly a Dutch success.

loved the Greek entry too - mostly in the music video, I found the staging too much but her vocals were great! glad the Holland public vote gave her 10pts

Thank you both! I was looking forward for comments about Stefania! She brought us back to the top ten  after 8 years of extremely bad results ( with 2 disqualifications, the first ever). Of course, herself saved the game... I was assuming that the staging (you mean the green screen effects, right?) wouldn't appeal ( Russia 2016 and these were more impressive...) and I'm seeing many comments like yours regarding it. In  the final the were glaring glitches, a plain choreography accompanying  here outstanding vocals would be enough ( Maybe we would have  gotten more votes from the public in that case) . As for the 10 points of Netherlands public vote, I was trying to make the people that I was watching the show with, to  consolidate that the first round of points pertains to Juries, they gave null and you know... hehe

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