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ice said:

Mirror's Edge is a possible one as Svenno mentioned, both are on Gamepass. Only thing holding those back might be the difficulty

Yeah, I loved the game, but I feel the difficulty would be a bit much. I'm no expert gamer but am also no slouch and I remember struggling at times with that game.

ArtX said:

Mass Effect Legendary Sheppard female

I keep telling her this game has to be the next one. I bet she would love it (or at least would love for her to love it as it is my favorite series).

sundin13 said:

A bit different, but I would recommend Transistor and Night in the Woods. Both are smaller indie games, but they have a heavy focus on narrative and I think both are probably fairly accessible to newer or less experienced gamers. 

Thanks, I'll take a look to see what those games look like.