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S.Peelman said:

Great show. I felt a vibe of patriotic pride. Our song was pretty meh, but getting no points from the public at all was harsher than I thought it would be. Germany was terrible. Really terrible. UK wasn’t good either. Still loved Portugal, was my favorite over the course of the three shows. Disappointed it didn’t get much recognition from the public. Malta’s low score was surprising as well. Still, glad Italy won, good song. So was France.

agree! I believe it would have done better had they kept the retro concept all the way, the music was kinda lost after the first half when all those effects kicked in...

I voted for Portugal, France, Switzerland, Bulgaria

Italy was great too, I'm a rock fan and a fan of the band since they became popular in Italy, and compared to their other songs this one is just ok, still glad a stylish actual music, actual lyrics rock retro style song won! Europe's still got it and Italian music deserves more recognition

don't mind my username, that was more than 10 years ago, I'm a different person now, amazing how people change ^_^