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CheddarPlease said:

Pardon my impatience, but ima make quick projection like with last weeks results:

Edit: Added 2017 and 2018 to the comparison

Switch 2017 *Launched in March

As of week 18: 3.215 million

Percentage of total: 24.51%

Total sales for year: 13.118 million

Switch 2018

As of week 18: 3.535 million

Percentage of total: 21.64%

Total sales for year: 16.339 million

Switch 2019 *Switch Lite Release in September

As of week 18: 4.26 million

Percentage of total: 22.07%

Total sales for year: 19.296 million

Switch 2020

As of week 18: 7.746 million

Percentage of total: 27.38%

Total sales for year: 28.294 million

Switch 2021

As of week 18: 8.227 million

(Assuming same percentage applies from 2017)

Total sales for year: 33.57 million

(Assuming same percentage applies from 2018)

Total sales for year: 38.03 million

(Assuming same percentage applies from 2019)

Total sales for year: 37.28 million

(Assuming same percentage applies from 2020)

Total sales for year: 30.05 million

Given Holiday sales last year were somewhat underwhelming, the road to 30 million and beyond remains clear.

Yeah, I think Switch is guaranteed to sell 30m+ this year.  The real question for me is how far above 30m are they going to get.  It will probably be based on how much they are capable of manufacturing.  I doubt they will manufacture 37m+ even if they have an amazing software lineup and demand is actually that high.