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Rab said:

The Israelis targeted media outlets in Gaza to eradicated them, destroying a whole building where at least 3 major media outlets operated as well as a blood bank, taking with it enormous value in hardware, recorded material and a place to work, all to try and silence the information coming out :/    

I think this is where the discussion fails, it's when you start making it about the outcome of these rockets from both sides, which is something cable news love to do because the framing becomes "but doesn't Israel have the right to defend itself?" to which the obvious answer is yes, as Joe Biden would happily answer that question for you (no fucking shit, Joe). Obviously, he wouldn't step a foot into a discussion about settlements despite being the main drive for this particular conflict nor those journalists will dare to challenge on what he's gonna do about it; after all, he was only the vice president for 8 years and did nothing but signing a photograph for Netanyahu "I don't agree with you, but I love you", disgusting. 

The discussion should always be circled back to settlement expansions and the diminishing west bank rather than x number of Palestinians died and z building was burnt to the ground, as harsh as that sounds, you're just not gonna win here because "Israel has the right to defend itself" is all you're gonna get, and there is truth to that.

... But what about settlements breaking international law? is that retaliation as well? a reaction? a reaction against what? 

Good on Rashida for linking black issues resulting from racial inequality with what's happening here, Americans can't continue to ignore that their biggest ally is emboldened by their politicians support to steal, support that's paid for with their tax money, take your wokeness further and hold your politicians accountable, you don't have to wait for the greenlight from CNN and the Jimmy Kimmels to be outraged by settlements expansion.