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Salnax said:

It's not even as if Israel's track record is purely tyrannical! Back in 2005, they forced all of the Israeli settlers to pull out of the Gaza Strip. That isn't the same as giving independence, but that's still a big step towards improving the welfare of Palestinians living in the area. Guess how long it took Hamas to fire rockets into Israel. That's right, a few hours! Gee, I wonder why Israel is so mistrustful of Palestinians, given that Hamas won the legislative elections a few months later.

TLDR - Fuck Israel, and also Fuck anyone who think that they are the main villains in this story.

How does mistrust in Palestinians justify Israel settlements expansion in the west bank? Literally stealing lands in broad day light. Did Israel want cookies for pulling settlers out Gaza and expand further into the west bank?

I think Islam is a big great threat to any society it infiltrates and taking a look at Islamic society is good evidence, but Israel has been the villain and their actions are way worse than any chants you hear from their neighbours.