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Kyuu said:

Resident Evil 7's UK split at launch was apparently "almost" two thirds on PS4, so around 65%~ for the PS ecosystem vs RE8's 80%. Ridiculously onesided considering this is Xbox's 2nd biggest market. I know digital not being counted and the shortages may be playing some role, but this is too much to ignore.

If this trend continues, Sony might start securing more AAA exclusives and timed exclusive, especially from Japan as evidenced by FF7 Intergrade, FFXVI, and Forspoken.

Not that I see the point of securing exclusives that wouldn't have sold very well on the competing platform anyway. The weirdest shit is Sony/Square making the Yuffie DLC exclusive on PS5; a move that shouldn't benefit either of them with the shortages in mind, but there it is.

It's not ridiculously onesided. The move is towards digital anyways. In these sales split,  I rarely see people mention how the physical sales not only almost always get smaller and smaller, but are also become a smaller share of the total sales.

RE8 physical is 40% smaller than RE7.

Hitman 3 physical was only 17% higher than Hitman 2 physical sales, yet IO Interactive have said total Hitman 3 sales are 300% higher than Hitman 2. Where did the rest of the 283% growth come from? Seeing how Hitman 3 vanished from the retail charts the following week, it's obvious it was digital.

Hitman 3 sold 300% better than Hitman 2 | PC Gamer

It's been confirmed by analysts that Xbox users are by far the most digital out of the big three. To quote: "Digital game sales on the Xbox One are far higher than they are on PlayStation or Nintendo systems, according to analyst Daniel Ahmad", and "I really need to stress how large the digital shares are on Xbox compared to other platforms." Xbox themselves have said GP users, on average, buy more games. Obviously, they will be geared towards digital purchases. Why would Xbox users, who's entire ecosystem is now so digital-focused, go out and buy physical discs?

Xbox One Has Higher Ratio Of Digital Game Sales Than Other Platforms – Analyst (

Last edited by hiccupthehuman - on 11 May 2021