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Ganoncrotch said:

While I wouldn't agree with all your points the Xbox making such a push to show that backwards compatibility is a key feature clearly also had ripple effects onto the PS5 having near complete PS4 compatibility so it's great that they pushed for that for gamers on either the MS or Sony machine.

One thing I would add @smroadkill15 is that (and I'm sorry if this was mentioned already by someone here) while the argument of "you can play all the games on the PC too though" is true in ways, it's also not exactly easy or possible to do it at the same graphical fidelity of the XBSSX looking at Steam hardware surveys shows that a huge number of people gaming on the PC are still rocking Graphics cards like the 1060 or even the now woeful 1050ti as their card of choice, and even if a PC user wants to upgrade their gaming rig right now to something that is 4k capable it's near impossible to get a GPU better than a 730 without paying wildly above the RRP due to cryptomining, so yeah while it is possible if you have a decent gaming PC to play Microsofts software offerings, Hardware surveys suggests the majority of players could not reach Xbox's current levels of graphic settings on their setups and that a graphical upgrade is near impossible without looking to scalpers.

It would actually be a great time for MS to try and win some PC gamers over to their system by maybe trying to get more PC gamers to look at it the other way around, instead of "but you can also play those games on the PC" thinking of it as "sod it... I can't get a GPU that will run these at 4k, I can also play these games on the XBSSX I'll get that instead"

4K is overrated imo and MS also conveniently makes all games work well on Series S. You don't need a high end GPU to enjoy all games at 1080p. Sure there are some RT advantages on the X yet so far there is little where it makes a big difference. So with a 1060, you're perfectly fine for now. And those that care about high fps already game at 144 fps.

Those that weren't play at 4K or 144 fps yet, won't care about switching to a series X to play at 4K or 120fps. Plus you need a high end TV as well to make use of 120fps and VRR. On monitors VRR is much more common and also offer the sweet spot of resolution 1440p.

So no, don't think MS can win any PC gamers over with the Series X. To make full advantage of it, you're still out an expensive console and a much more expensive tv while having to now pay for online gaming and lose access to modding.