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Mr Puggsly said:
Trumpstyle said:

I found this healthcare study which ranks all the countries in the world, it's from 2021.

This ranking is the same as that study, Sweden is ranked 23, it should really be ranked top 5. Not sure what metrics they are using as I didn't read the pdf. But the healthcare in my country has been excellent.

Just taking a glance at the PDF and knowing a little about how lists like this are put together, costs is a big factor. Maybe even more than the actual quality of what is offered. I mean its worth considering people with money do actually travel to #37 for care. Meanwhile people looking to pay less go somewhere else.

The point I was trying to make in earlier posts is simply making the effort to improve affordability and socializing some aspects that bankrupt people, like cancer. That would actually make people feel much better about our system even without making the leap to universal healthcare.

Well then, consider this: If you travel to the US and are under luxembourgish healthcare, you have to get a special healthcare insurance only for traveling to the US. What's so special about it? It stipulates that if you get sick and/or injured, the Luxembourg Air Rescue could send a medical plane over to pick you up and get your treatment in there and then then the follow-up in Luxembourg, with all the costs (including the flight and accommodation you booked) taken over by the CNS, the luxembourgish healthcare agency. Because no matter how good the care is, it's just not worth the outlandish prices in the US, and it's cheaper for our healthcare service to send a medical plane to pick you up than to cover for your treatment in the US, which is in most cases pretty much exactly the same as one would get in Luxembourg or other countries in western/northern Europe.

Also, while affordability is a factor, it's not the biggest one. It is what costs the US a good position, though. And I say good and not top on purpose, because even with the costs being taken out of the equation, getting into the top 10 would still have been very hard considering there's quite a gap to fill, and it's certainly not all due to the pricetag.