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Concurrent Steam users daily peak has fallen a bit, but is still around 25 million people every day:

The Ampere GPU share has grown from 2.98% to 3.38%. The main growth came from 3060 graphic cards and 3060 + 3070 laptops... probably because they aren't the main target for miners.

I also added the Pascal- and Turing-based MX-GPUs, which are showing up in the Hardware Survey.
The MX350 is on par with the GTX 960M:
The MX450 is close to a GTX 1050 in many games:

The RDNA2 GPU share unfortunately only has grown 0.03 percentage points from 0.15% to 0.18% (and RDNA1 has fallen 0.02 percentage points, so RDNA-growth in total is only 0.01 percentage points). I really really hope that the generically named category "AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics" (which has grown to 0.5% within a few months) contains many RDNA2-cards which weren't identified correctly.

I also added a lot of RDNA1-based laptop GPUs (partly as placeholders) and the AMD Radeon Pro 460.
The RX 5500M is trading blows with the GTX 1650 (in some games faster, in other games slower):
The RX 5600M is trading blows with the GTX 1660 Ti (in some games faster, in other games slower):

2.22% of the surveyed PCs have a VR headset connected. 52.35% of the surveyed PCs should be VR ready.
So 4.24% of the surveyed "VR ready" PCs have a VR headset connected.

That is similar to the tie ratio of VR on PlayStation: the last number Sony gave was 5 million PSVR headsets.

  • 5 million PSVR / 122 million "VR ready" PlayStation consoles (PS4 + PS5) = 4.1%
  • 6 million PSVR / 122 million "VR ready" PlayStation consoles (PS4 + PS5) = 4.9%

More than every 6th surveyed PC is already raytracing compatible. That should be at least 20 million gaming PCs on Steam, if we use the announced 120 million "monthly active users" as minimum value.

The raytracing compatible 9th gen consoles are around 10 - 12 million (depending if we count the Xbox Series S which often doesn't get the raytracing version).

So the total hardware base of raytracing compatible gaming devices should be at least 30 million units... that should be good enough for most AAA developers:

AMD CPUs now are at almost 30%... that is great, but it gets even better:

  • If we leave the crappy CPUs below 3 GHz out of the equation, the Intel:AMD ratio is 1.36:1
  • If we only count CPUs with 3.3 GHz or better, the Intel:AMD ratio is 1.1:1
  • And the tide turns with CPUs 3.7 GHz or better (already 11% of the surveyed PCs):
  • the AMD:Intel ratio for these high-end CPUs is 1.22:1

Last edited by Conina - on 02 May 2021