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Crazy how despite vgchartz estimating crazy sales numbers for the Switch every time, the Switch seems to always exceed their estimates expectations every time! Shows how crazy dominant the Switch is right now and will be for years to come.

However, the Switch may possibly deal with some shortages later in 2021 as a result of the semiconductor shortages thats been plaguing the tech industry since the pandemic started. Nintendo's president Shuntaro Furukawa recently stated that Nintendo is able to fulfill Switch demand for now but said that the Switch may deal with some shortages later in 2021 due to the ongoing semiconductor shortage. So that might prevent 2021 from overtopping 2020 if Nintendo can't meet demand due to shortages. We have to keep this possibility in mid when making our 2021 sales prediction. Because of that, I expect the Switch to pretty much remain flat YoY in 2021 and sell around 27-28M, but think switch could sell around 30M if Nintendo's able to meet demand. Really Nintendo's 2021 sales numbers will all depend on supply, not demand.