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RolStoppable said:
mk7sx said:

Extrapolated ranges from ResetEra prediction results (Donny who runs the thread has actuals but cannot disclose them).

937k < Switch < 985k

473k < PS5

234k < XBS < 330k


With Switch down only 50-100k units year over year, it looks quite safe to expect the year 2021 to be even bigger than 2020. The USA is behaving similar to Japan.

Yes, expecting sales in the 10-12M range (after 9M in 2020).  High-end achievable if they supply a healthy amount of this upcoming revision (which I believe is an Ampere based device).  YoY the Switch is already up ~350K and after it loses the April battle to 2020, it will have favorable comparisons starting mid-May through August.  I expect May to be +0-10%, Jun/Jul to both be up >50%, and August to be +0-10% again.

If the Pro ends up being in short supply during the holidays, then next year holds up as another 9-11M year.  If its ample, next year drops to 7-9M.