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I have a 27 month old son. He enjoys watching me gaming, and will often grab a disconnected controller and pretend to play along.  I was introduced to gaming by my father at about that age, but games are much simpler back then. I played pitfall on the 2600 almost exclusively. They were basically only two commands: run and jump.  Even in games made for kids, things are much more complex these days.

I no there are people on here that have introduced their children to gaming. I'd love to hear some experiences, specifically when you started them, and how that works.

Bonus question: motion controls, or sticks?  

Double bonus: gimme a game recommendation.  We have a Wii U, Switch, PS4 Pro, Series X/S. Short of a good recommendation from someone here, I'm thinking something relatively bright and colorful with an open space for him to just run around in. Possibly something like Mario Kart would work as well, which I own on Wii U.