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heavenmercenary01 said:

From now on, major 3rd party franchises won't come on switch. I still believe that the biggest 3rd party support that the switch will ever see is Monster Hunter and it's already done, and let's face it, 3rd parties had 4 years to make the move on the switch, yet, they kept waiting for next gen. And now they'll effectively make the transition and develop for PS5 and XSX. However, first party support might be something interesting since much is left to do for Nintendo.
For almost 2 years or more, all what nintendo's studios have been doing are ports and HD remasters. Switch is starving for first party support and objectively, it still looks like the worst first party catalogue ever for a Nintendo console.

I doubt 3rd party support will dry up especially if the big refresh rumors are true. We know of at least 1 Resident evil game coming from the Capcom leak. So the Switch will at the very least get 3rd party games specifically made for it.