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RolStoppable said:

390k PS5s at an average selling price of $480 translates to 681k Switch units at an average selling price of $275. An ASP of $265 for Switch would result in 706k units sold. If the PS5 did notably better than 390k in March, then Switch sold more than 700k in any case.

I don't remember how big the year over year lead was that Switch built during January and February, but 2021 is faring well either way.

Best numbers we got

Jan: 385k + Feb: 614k — 999k (2021)

Jan: 270k + Feb 338k — 608k (2020)

for H1 2020

Mar: 1000k

apr: 808k

May: 530k

Jun: 365k (major shortages)

2020 H1: 3311k

If NSW was at 700k in March, it needs another 1612k to match last year or 537k avg monthly