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If Iwata was around, I don't think the Switch would be the success it is today. Iwata, while being a big fan of games and an amazing programmer, was a lousy president. You can look how he managed one of Nintendo's biggest successes: the Wii and DS. The Wii started faltering out in it's third year do to a lack of games and direction. He cut the amazingly profitable DS line for the 3DS which ended up losing the company money. He presided over Nintendo's worst selling console: the Wii U. He did so much wrong during his tenure that it's hard to see how he would have made the Switch a success.

I think the true unsung hero of Nintendo is Kimishima. He had a background in banking so I think he had a better sense of the business environment and where Nintendo stood. Kimishima was the president for nearly two years before the Switch launched (from July 2015 to March 2017), so a lot of the strategy was his doing. A good example was the Directs. Iwata always wanted to host them with with his bad Engrish, and he filled them with awful sketches. In contrast, Kimishima's Direct had everyone in suits giving the company a serious, professional look. He also didn't try to hog the spotlight like Iwata did, and deferred to younger, up and coming staff. The company has been run so much better since. Even Furakawa is doing a better job managing the Switch than Iwata did managing the Wii and DS. Iwata just wasn't cut out for the position,

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