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Spindel said:

While I currently enjoy MHR greatly I do not share your opinion on how it looks. It’s not bad just not good either. BotW looks better in my eyes, so does SMO, Mario vs Rabbids, and Splatoon 2 for that matter (I see a trend towards stylized graphics in my comment).

Having played Dragons Dogma on the Switch I can’t shake the feeling that (in particular) character assets are just straight up re-used with a shader slapped on (doesn’t help that my MH avatar ended up looking almost exactly the same as my DD:DA character).

Yea, from discussion with curl, and the way my own fanbase is responding, I'm recognizing that Nintendo fans are used to the good-looking games being the stylized ones, or at least ones that focus on visual appeal more than technical prowess.  This isn't mockery, by the way, I just mean that's what Nintendo-focused people have become accustomed to having.  Thus, I, too, agree that Mario+Rabbids is a good-looking game.  But if I asked you on a technical scale if you think it looks better than Ratchet and Clank, I would bet you'd be reasonable enough to say "well, no", and that's simply because while Ratchet and Clank is also highly stylized, it's also graphically superior.

Thus, this is my take on MHRise.  It's a perfect balance between stylization and actual technical prowess on the Switch, something not commonly seen on the platform.  BotW falls drastically short in the technical aspects (I mean, as I said to the other person, the textures are almost non-existent!), and makes up for it with art style (don't get me started on BotW, I can tear that game's graphics apart SOOOO easily, and I love the game to death!... I even have pics of completely borked lighting in the engine!).  Same for SMO, one only need to look at New Donk City and realize that when the design aesthetic requires realistic (or quasi) appearances, it looks rather... dull.  Splatoon 2 suffers similar issues.  Nintendo has always been intelligently using art style to mask this, and I appreciate that.  I just don't think that they can hold a candle to how much MHRise actually pulls off on a technical scale, and yet it's still stylized with a very clear design aesthetic (ergo, "cartoony" and "unrealistic" as the other platform tryhards would call it).

I do admit, even in my review, that I do play it enhanced with an mClassic.  This does provide me with a drastically sharper image, as I did turn it off in response to curl and realized just how much worse the environments looked.  Of course, when all the action is popping off like fireworks, there's no time to notice this, but perhaps I skewed my own perception unfairly to everyone else.

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