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As was mentioned above, the Switch really was Iwata's final gift to gamers. Iwata was extremely dedicated to the success of Nintendo and oversaw it during some of its most successful years. When Nintendo hit hard-times with the Wii U, Iwata did all of the right things to get Nintendo back on the right track, even at great cost to himself. I suspect that when he took a 50% pay-cut in 2014 he probably doubled the hours that he was putting in as CEO. This was while Iwata was struggling with a terminal illness that ultimately cost him his life. I remember how terrible he looked in his last Direct in 2015: the man was clearly on his deathbed but he was still probably working full-time prepping the launch of the Switch/NX at that time. I have no doubt that Iwata sacrificed himself for the success that Nintendo is currently enjoying. There are very few people who would make that kind of sacrifice for a company.

If Iwata were still with us, we would probably be getting far better Directs, as a minimum. I also think that Iwata would want Nintendo to stay agile and would be pushing hard to surpass the complacent and low-effort first party releases that we have been seeing from Nintendo during the Switch's prosperity. Iwata, having led Nintendo through the Wii U era, would have known the risks associated with the complacency that we saw during the Wii. If Iwata were in charge, I guarantee that BotW2 would have either been released at this point or we would have had at least been given massive trailers. The rumored Switch pro that we are hearing about that uses AI resolution upscaling, I am sure would a lot closer to being a reality if Iwata were still CEO, as well. Overall, I believe that Nintendo would be in a better position for the future if Iwata were still around. Right now, the company is enjoying the fruits of his sacrifice, but the attitudes I am seeing from the company deeply reflect the laziness that we saw during the later Wii and early Wii U eras.