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Shiken said:
Chrkeller said:

Exactly.  And if people stopped paying over MSRP and forced scalpers to eat their investment, the practice would die immediately.  But as it stands, as an example, ps5 scalpers are being rewarded + incentivized.  Why would they stop when they are making money hand over fist.  

The problem with PS5 and XSX/S scalpers is not the capitalism aspect of it.  It is the fact that they are using bots to buy up all the stock im seconds, which is a violation of ToS for these retailers.  They do this to create artificial demand, and drive up the prices even further and preventing actual consumers from being able to purchase a console without them.

It is not the scalping itself that is scummy, but that fact that they are essentially breaking the law to do it under the guise of "capitalism" that makes them all pieces of shit.

EDIT: To clarify, while violating ToS itself is not a crime punishable by law...bypassing technical or code-based barriers intended to limit access to or uses of a website may violate California's computer crime law.  The fact that these bots bypass the bot checks is what brings legality into question.

It certainly is a dirty tactic and I don't like it.  But I think the easiest solution is to have a scalper buy 10 ps5 units and end up having to sell them for $400 and lose $1,000.  It would end this nonsense quickly.  But instead scalpers are able to sell their inventory for $1000 each.  We need to cut off the incentives for said dirty tactics.