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kopstudent89 said:

Scalpers will exist in a free market that is not regulated. Should it be regulated? I mean then how do you deal with people who collect cards, games, consoles, coins, etc.. It is what it is. At some point prices will balance to demand.

The first thing I would say is the method of acquisition is one differentiator, the manipulation of the market by bots who's use exacerbates any shortage leading to prices being  driving up even more.

I like to think of this analogy a lottery in the US some years ago had a jackpot that an Australian Professor of Mathematics worked out was large enough that the cost of buying enough tickets to account for all the different combinations would still leave you with a huge profit,so he devised a computer program that covered those combinations then gained investors to cover the outlay and by having a local team use the program to auto buy all those tickets online in the US state the lottery was part of they won more than just the jackpot because they also had a huge number of divisional prizes making hundreds of millions.

now comes the part that matters the states changed the law to stop computer generated online purchases so if that's deemed unacceptable manipulation so should bot use. 

Last edited by mjk45 - on 08 April 2021