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mk7sx said:

NSW missed the Q1 sales record by 49K with one week remaining, so it is guaranteed.  Will not be losing its lead on 2020 anytime soon.

It needs only 511K in week 13 in order to take the all-time non-holiday quarter record of 5,886K by NDS in Q2 2007.  6M is also possible, but if it happens, it'll be if NPD and/or Nintendo's shipment numbers go higher than VGChartz is currently estimating.  Next few weeks will be telling as actual data pours in.

Fastest to 10M is also on the table.  NDS 07 and NSW 2020 both hit the 10M mark in week 23.  NSW needs to average 463K from here on out to hit that mark by week 22.

Thank you for your hard work.

This is astounding... Never thought something could actually best DS' records.