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Hunts and gatherings quests have a time limit, but you can go on expeditions that have no time limit. When your stamina gets to minimum you can no longer sprint and can only climb a very short distance. Inventory pouch has 24 slots but items stack and this doesn't include endemic life, so basically don't worry about inventory space, grab everything.

Some general tips:

- Sword & Shield is the easiest weapon to start with as it is simple, fast, and allows you to block. The lance is also a good starter for its ability to block and play defensively.

- Don't get greedy when going in for hits; it's better to leave a combo unfinished than to leave yourself wide open to getting hit.

- Eat a meal before each hunt, and once on the field, before heading to the monster, spend some time exploring to gather buffs and helpful endemic life.

- Get into the habit of always using wirefall (ZL + B) after getting hit, to escape getting combo'd.

- Pay attention to a monster's tells; they have specific vocal and animation cues before each attack, so learn these to tell what they're going to do next and act accordingly.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 07 April 2021

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