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JRPGfan said:
VersusEvil said:

"Gamepass bad" if that's all you wanted to say you could have just posted that on your wall.

Then you missed the point of my OP.

Retail sales of the games, are way down on xbox, due to gamepass.
This isnt about the game devs makeing money, due to contracts with microsoft, or if gamepass makes MS any money.

The perspective Im looking at here, is just from the data of retail sales we have.
If gamepass, hits retail sales hard, and digital stores keep growing.... theres little insentive to stock them in your store.
Basically physical game sales, and stores are struggleing with the growth of digital.
Gamepass is another massive attack, on physical sales, and how profitable it is to sell games (physical copies) in stores.

but its not new, we had a similar thread in 2010? 2009? how it is going to be hard for stores because Tomb Raider Anniversary became the first digital (AAA) game on consoles (360 I believe). At that point game stores should have started to adept to the changing climate.  At this point the majority of video game stores are nothing more than overpriced annoying post collection points. The biggest group of customers are now children who are not allowed to have a Credit card and have to get a 15$ fortnite redeem card in the stores. Except for retro themed I barely ever go to game stores anymore and just like those CD chain stores I will not miss them :s.