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Now at 5m

Tbh 10m is not out of reach for Rise as it'll at least match the sales of the portable games in Japan (4-5m) which with the current known breakdown of Japan having 2m sales from the initial 4m that would put sales comfortably hitting 6m before we even factor in what it'll hit outside of Japan, I can see Rise hitting 5m or more in Japan due to how this time around Capcom won't cut its legs with frequent releases like with the portable games all additional content will be DLC and expansions meaning the base game has to be bought.

The added benefit of housing both the console and portable fanbase will also help hit higher sales I can see this being the best selling third party on Switch at least, second best will be DQXII when ever that arrives.

Last edited by Wyrdness - on 04 April 2021