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Otter said:
curl-6 said:

When the best selling game on PS4 and Xbox One is a PS3/360 port and the best selling game on Switch is a Wii U game, I really don't believe that porting up reduces a game's sales.

Do you really believe you can just interchange GTA and Mario Kart with other 3rd party titles? Also MK8 isn't really a port up, its very much in line with Switches performance profile and what people expect games on the platform to look like.

They wouldn't be the best selling games on PS4/Xbone/Switch if porting up was really harmful to sales. And MK8 is a Wii U game, Wii U is significantly weaker than the Switch, it's a port up. If they made, say, a Resident Evil game for Switch, then ported it up to PS/Xbox/PC, that would absolutely sell as long as it was a quality game. Obviously which way you convert would vary on a game by game basis, but there's absolutely merit to making Switch the lead platform for certain third party games.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 03 April 2021

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