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ZyroXZ2 said:
Darwinianevolution said:

The sad thing is that it's true. It's taken so long to 3rd parties to notice the Switch's potential the first big 3rd party to actually really bet on the system came four years after its release.

Whoa there, the Switch DOESN'T have potential, that's the core issue.  Its weak hardware requires serious focus and effort to downscale and optimize to a level that is often below the very lowest settings of the sliders in their graphics engines.  Nintendo will always struggle with 3rd parties, especially now that the power gap between the XSX and Switch is THE biggest power gap in modern gaming history.

The fact that Capcom took the risk is why I applaud Capcom.  They have the money, the know-how, and the resources, and they invested.  It's not about the Switch's potential, it's about the investment by the developer.  Ergo, I do not applaud the Switch or see the Switch in a better light because of MHRise, I applaud Capcom and see Capcom in a better light because of MHRise (though I already tweeted awhile back that Capcom has silently but swiftly become a world-class top dev with lots of new games, good remakes, and ports coming to every platform).

Potential is not the same as power. Most of the time the most powerful console of the generation loses against a weaker competitor (N64 lost against the PS1, XBox and GC lost against the PS2, PS3 and 360 lost against the Wii, Sega Game Gear lost against the Game Boy, the PSP lost against the DS...).The Switch is selling a lot through practically 1st party effords alone, with very few 3rd party heavy hitters outside Just Dance, Monster Hunter and Minecraft. Until the PS5/XBoxX manage to catch up (which is going to take years), the Switch is going to be the biggest platform for console gaming by far, and yet we've seen little attention from most 3rd parties.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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