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Having fun with the game. The MTX in it is fairly light and cheap. No $10 skins here. Some of the stuff you can buy is just ridiculous. Who the heck needs a shaggy Palamute skin? Or the voice of a couple storyline characters? Still kinda annoyed by the MTX being in the game, but it's not insanely predatory like Gears 5 or MK11.

I do miss the guidebug for certain things such as hunting down ore. But also happy it was taken out so I don't have glowing bugs in my face all game long. If only they were in the game, but had an off switch.

I love how the gunlance can be aimed up while charging a shot. The wirebug is really hard to get used to but it definitely gives melee players the ability to attack flying monsters more often. Being able to launch into the air, and then fire four mid-air gunlance shots to stay airborne is great.

Also loving the additions to mounting monsters. So much fun to force two monsters to fight!