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Dulfite said:
eva01beserk said:

What do you expect the gap will be in 2 years? If things continue for the next 2 years as they are the gap will be so huge that people will be buyung the ps5 as a snowball effect. Not to mentione the backlog of great games. In 2 years it will be to late. Its why I don't think the series will beat the x1. 

The Series S/X is going to have a lot more exclusives than the Xbox One, which is why I think it will do better than One and why I think PS5 will do worse than 4 (though 5 will still beat Series because of the wide lead they get early on). I fully expect MS to scoop up at least one other major publisher before this generation is over. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they obtained Rockstar and secured GTA6 (and all prior GTA games as backlog for Gamepass) as an exclusive, which would be absolutely massive.

Rockstar? That just ridiculous. Rockstar alone is worth 5b and its owned by take two interactive that is worth 20b. 

That the series will have more eclusives than the x1 is not up for debate. Its impossible to have less than the x1 as that was the worst console in history when it came to exclusive content.

That MS can give sony a 2 year headstart and still think they can be competitive is also absurd. That is way to much time for a come back. I dont even think that sony would pull that if the roles where reversed.

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