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Motorstorm, DriveClub, Ridge Racer, Split Second... dammit Sony give me a nice arcade racer!

I think the biggest issue is how little these games probably sell now a days. I grew up playing them at the arcades and then these coin up translated to home console disc sales and as time went on, these games started to see a decline.

I still want one. What I would do to have another DriveClub and add Svennoj again to unlock everything through his dedication and his perfect driving skills. Unfortunately that studio is fine and Sony seems to have all but forgotten about it.

The issue I think it's these games can work, but the way to deliver them has changed. Like GTS, I believe the idea is to release it I've a gen and then keep updating it as supposed to releasing one no annually or anything.

I would love to see another MotorStorm or DriveClub where we have clubs and work together to build our rep. Imagine a VGChartz club?

Why can't Sony upgrade DriveClub to run 4K at 60FPS, and add some new tracks. Have a yearly season pass at £15-20 that has a transparent model like DC did where you know how many cars you're getting along with how many tracks. It don't need to have GT number of vehicles.

Why not add that Motorstorm dynamic where with heavy rain the lap night change due to flooding port high winds see debris cover parts of the track. Maybe a lightning bolt strikes sooner trees and causes a fire? It don't need the scale of destruction MT Apocalypse had, but something is better than nothing. 

Those rainy races would have a whole new dynamic.

Add in those Microtransactions for cosmetics so you can pump out your club and create your own celebrations for when you win. Fireworks, balloons, plants flying by, how many supporters show up at the start and finish line wearing your clubs branding. Some custom spoilers, neons, exhausts and body kits that you can pay for it unlock.

God dammit Sony, just give us our Aracade racer. Be adventurous again, be creative again, dream big again.