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Mandalore76 said:
CarcharodonKraz said:

Was it that hard to figure out that I agreed with that part being wrong?  Guess I need to brush up on my communication skills.

No.  It's the fact that Pachter's statement advocates eliminating the strongest selling/most desirable arm of the Switch family.  There's no "part right" or "part wrong" about that.  Nintendo sells both models, because they want to reach the broadest range of consumers.  But the sales data that we have seen since the Switch Lite's release clearly shows that the original "hybrid" (and more expensive) model remains the primarily sought after version.  During shortages last year, it was also pretty apparent that people who otherwise would have purchase the hybrid model ended up "settling" for the handheld only Lite since it was all that was available outside of overpaying a scalper.  No one is disputing that a market exists for the Lite for gamers who predominately prefer the portable aspect.  But there is no way to be "part right" when making an absolute statement.  "Getting rid" of the hybrid model of the Switch = eliminating the best selling model = Pachter's statement being completely wrong from a business standpoint.

Yep. I agreed gettin rid of the "hybrid" aspect would be dumb.