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JWeinCom said:
Mandalore76 said:

You really believe Switch cartridges will no longer be functional in less than 2 decades?  When it is still easy to find working copies of all of these games?:

Nintendo DS cartridge (15 years old): 

Nintendo 64 cartridge (25 years old): 

NES cartridge (35 years old): 

Colecovision Digital Data Pack (37 years old): 

ColecoVision Cartridge (39 years old):

No way that copy of Zelda is functioning. Save battery has to be long dead. 

Also, first time I ever have seen what a colecovision cartridge looks like.

Due to this giving me a flashback about tape loading I can attest that the ColecoVision tape is after 37 years still in the middle of loading the game and we wont know how long it takes since we aren't immortal.