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shikamaru317 said:

We need more friendly Souls-likes such as Vampyr and Jedi: Fallen Order.

Haven't played Jedi yet, may try it.

Shiken said:
DonFerrari said:

It have the same type of gameplay imho, with the need of rool/parry, stamina bar, need of patience, no button smashing. It is friendly on the way it not only allow you to chose your difficult but also is less unforgiving, although a good 1 to 3 hits can kill you and bosses don't really respect the limitations you have yourself.

It was a joke, playing on how Souls games are known for being punishing.  Wasn't meant to be taken seriously.  XD

Understood, no harm done =]

Vampyr is punishing enough for people that aren't used to Soul imho (sure not to the same level, since even myself that aren't much used to it, on the hardest bosses I died no more than 10 times before being able to pass, playing on regular difficult without much level up and only discovering how good my two hand upgraded weapon could do).

curl-6 said:

I was actually kinda interested in this one and interested in picking it up once I catch up on my backlog, but if it's like Dark Souls I'll avoid it like the plague. Not a fan of those games.

Depend on how you see the "like Dark Souls", gameplay wise I think it is similar, but if you are worried about the excessive difficulty then don't worry over it, you can even play on the history mode (easy) which void only a single achievement.

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