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Ninten78 said:
ice said:

As Noble said, Gamepass! It has tons of MS exlcusives you've missed on xbox one (and possibly 360). For games not on GP, Yakuza Like a dragon is a cool JPRG if you like those games. Speakin of JRPGs Gamepass has a slew you missed out on if you only had Nintendo consoles. Might help to hear what kind of genres you like to further assist.

I have a wide range of tastes

Platformers, action and adventure, strategy, RPGs

Also question about gamepass do the game download onto the console and how long do I have to play them?

The games do download onto the console and you can play them for as long as they remain in game pass and you keep your sub active (How long they're in game pass isn't told to us but MS does tell us some weeks in advance if a game is leaving soon or not).