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dx11332sega said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

This thread sent me on a research binge for Saturn games. Graphically a lot of Saturn games have aged a hell of a lot better than N64 and PS1 games. Even some of the 3D stuff like Panzer Dragoon II and Panzer Dragoon Saga blew me away. 

Also I made a Pseudo-Wishlist for Saturn games on pricecharting. I'm not going to buy all of these, but rather load them up on a multicart on an OG Saturn system. The games are listed as either NA Saturn or JP Saturn games. Take a look.

Theres more than price charting can handle, some missing from price charting

There's a feature to add missing games. I think you just need a pic of the front cover art. List away, and I can add them to pricecharting.