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I don't see the point of promoting mediocre VR games (as cross-compatible with conventional version). VR does have negatives to it's, so it doesn't really make sense to use it if the game works just as good without VR. Any system that can handle VR can also play conventional games on a screen (assuming you have TV and not just VR rig, which is certainly reasonable). The rationale seems to be "more sales" yet it's not clear why this is more sales than just releasing fully non-VR games, so I don't see why cross-compatible VR games (which essentially means a sub-optimal port for VR) is coherent if prime motive is sales. And certainly having more mediocre VR games that are fully playable without VR does not really create a reason for anybody to go out and buy a VR headset. Truly optimized VR native game experiences do that. This isn't to say that cross-compatible VR ports can't sell at all, and they can make sense for 3rd parties I guess. But why would Sony do that whose interest is in the platform and promoting PSVR(2) as such?