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I was one of those early adaptors for the CR headset. To this day I say if you ain't tried it, try it as I had some amazing experiences on it. From the simple things with VW World's to experiencing G Force in Rush of Blood to watching my young cousin's gangster friends scream like little girls and almost fall over. The damn thing was good, but ultimately my dear is software.

Like any console or device, it will live and die depending on software support and I think Sony missed a huge trick : creating games that are AA and work with our without VR.

On rail games are the best for this. God do I miss the days of playing Virtua Cop, Time Crisis, House of the Dead, Point Blank. 

These games should be cheap to make and bring back those arcade experiences easily with little tweaks so you can enjoy them both ways.

Bring back the light gun and allow the games too be enjoyed in more way than one so they have a larger install base to get sold on. This would not only encourage more sales, but will also encourage developers to support your device.

Racing games are an obvious choice, but then you also have RTS games, Sports games and fighting games that could have little tweaks to add an extra layer.

What would you like to see in the next Sony VR?