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KLAMarine said:

Wonder how VR graphics will look like with PS5 under the hood.

I guess somewhere between ps3 and ps4 since PSVR on PS4 looked somewhat below PS3 level. PS4 pro just made it a bit sharper. It could be full PS4 level for games that were already 60fps, but those that ran at 30fps might still be to taxing to get double fps, stereo view, wider fov on ps5 with the same fidelity.

It won't be until pupil tracking enables efficient foveated rendering that VR can surpass pancake rendering.

Although... 2,560 by 1,440 resolution display with a 220-degree field of view and eye tracking The resolution is stlll a bit low to get full use out of foveated rendering, but perhaps enough to get full ps4 30fps games running without compromises. It will have some optimizations for the wide fov, you can't focus that far to the sides and peripheral vision is very low res. I wonder how the pixels are distributed with the optics, much higher density in the center I assume.

It will still be quite taxing on games to have 220 degrees of geometry in view at all times. Foveated rendering is a must, with or without eye tracking.