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Comparing GPU prices to minimum wages is a bizarre way to show what you're trying to show. (For a start, median income (according to IMF) in Brazil is around 2,500 BRL/month).

Think of the problem like this: BRs overall price level is 2.256 (IMF) times cheaper than the united states for an equivalent bundle of goods. So if we were to construct an index of what GPU prices would feel like in the United States, you can't take the exchange rate of $1:5.5R$ as given; you'd have to divide through by 2.256.

1,101.06 R$ * 2.25~ / 5.5 $/R$ = $452 USD. You should think of this as the value of the goods at US prices that a Brazilian has to give up to buy a 750ti. A 3070 is $4330 USD when thought of in this way. Factor in scalper prices, which see 3070's selling at an average of $920.

So now you can say properly that the same gamer (same income, preferences, utility function for other goods) would face over 4x higher prices if she/he were in Brazil.

That sucks!