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mk7sx said:

Top Consoles through 9 Weeks VGC

Switch on NDS's tail.  

Buffer over last year is now >1.1M.  MHR releases in Week 12 in this alignment, which is the same week ACNH dropped.  It will tank the hit with ease at this point.

W10 350K

W11 350K

W12 500K

W13 400K

With those conservative projections, NSW 2021 would close the 13 week quarter with a 250K buffer over NSW 2020.  If its more like 450/450/600/500 then it'll be ~650K ahead.  If next 6 weeks are 375K per week after that, it will take until mid-May for 2020 to jump back in the lead, at which point 2020 starts suffering from stock issues, so 2021 can re-build the lead in May/June.

Switch is doing fairly incredible so far.  It's tracking between two DS years that both sold over 29m.  We also know we have Monster Hunter Rise soon and a Pokemon game at the end of the year.  On top of that we don't know most of the games for Switch's second half of the year.  All indications point to software being better this year than the last.

I don't know if Switch 2021 is going to beat Switch 2020, but I do think that if it doesn't, it's going to come awfully close.