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Mnementh said:
m0ney said:

Gattaca and Brazil are among my favorites too.

I haven't seen Matrix in many years, it doesn't have anymore rewatching value for me personally.

If we have come to sci-fi discussion, I would recommend to everyone a really underrated one - Pandorum (2009), it is one of the coolest and shocking ones I have ever seen but like most lower budget movies it went under the radar.

Pandorum was a nice surprise, when I watched it years after release. Surprising also as I am not used to such good german movies.

And if you like Sci-Fi you have not too much big budget movies to choose from, as most producers see at as niche and don't allocate a lot of money.

Also, the list of SvennoJ is very comprehensive for great SF-movies to watch, but misses the original Ghost in the Shell.

Good catch, that's sci-fi as well, forget about while deciding whether Akira qualifies as sci-fi. Plus it's not that long ago I watched the live action version (not as good) and the spruced up version (I prefer the original)

Pandorum was indeed a lovely surprise, went in expecting an avg B movie, turned out very good. There was another nice surprise I watched on Netflix, crap it rotated out of my watch again list and I can't remember the name right now. One of the reasons I dislike streaming!