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m0ney said:
SvennoJ said:

if people don't agree with you it must be a protest vote?

Not me but general public. Matrix is regarded as one of the best sci-fi movies of all time, it has nothing to do with my opinion.

So why is it a protest vote, that's what I responded to.

T2 blew me away just as much when I saw it in the cinema, perhaps more. I still think T2 is a better movie, one I can enjoy for the entire director's cut without feeling the urge to skip ahead.

Oddly Inception takes the nr.1 spot on IMDB, while that's very enjoyable as well, it's another one that I get less out of on repeat viewings. Movies like Dark City, Gattaca, Moon all 'grow' on repeat viewings while classics like Alien, Blade Runner, Twelve Monkeys, Star Wars (the originals), Wrath of Khan never seem to lose their impact. The Matrix feels less every time I watch it, hence the preference for Dark City.

In 1999, no doubt, would have voted The Matrix. Dark City took over about 10 years ago. Perhaps having seen the sequels to The Matrix lessened the movie as well. Can't unsee what it turned it. (Still not terrible movies, just far below the first one)

Dark city luckily never got a sequel, which keeps it its own contained story

Anyway my personal top sci-fi atm is
Blade runner, 12 Monkeys, Children of Men, T2, Akira, Undiscovered Country, Alien, Wrath of Khan, Dark city, Moon, The Matrix, Interstellar, Gattaca, Brazil, 2001, Inception, AI, Strange Days
Mostly ordered by how much I would want to watch them again. Inception has fallen the most in my list. It was pretty tedious when watching again tbh. Star Wars I've seen too much to feel like watching again atm :) The matrix drops a few places every time I watch it :/