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S.Peelman said:

If this year becomes another ~30M year it actually has a chance. However 158M at the least is still far away. Anything could happen, even with a 30M year; PS4 was soaring to a certain 130M but then it dropped like a rock (one might even speak of a ‘cliff’), and now it’s up in the air if whether or not it reaches GameBoy.

There are a number of differences between PS4 and NSW though. If NSW does 30mil this calendar year it’ll be at 110mil (insanity) 2022-2024 would have to make a complete drop and have jumped off the highest cliff in the world if it couldn’t get past 135mil at that point. The floor on this thing is 135mil, and that’s being generous unless Nintendo decides to kill off the NSW which Sony did due to the competition with MS. Something Nintendo has to not worry about anymore (from a direct stand point of view)