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Cobretti2 said:

Phoenix20, there is nothing wrong waiting for a maybe or even a no.

It all depends how much you like someone. Sometimes waiting that extra mile pans out sometimes it doesn't.

As I said before, time is relative to how much you hope to hook up with someone.

Everyone has the ideal wish list in their mind on what they want in a partner. That is what is called a unicorn. Depending on how many boxes they tick on that wish list, will ultimately determine how long you willing to wait. You may not even realise it that you are waiting if in your mind they appear to be close to the perfect match.

I would have to disagree.  My reason would be that you basically put yourself on hold and in limbo.  You will constantly be thinking about the situation but have no way to do anything until whatever time period the other person is going through is over.  Limbo to me is a terrible state, you miss out on other opportunities that could be right their for you to obtain while hoping the maybe becomes a yes.  Even if you consider them a perfect match does not mean they consider you the same.  The thing is the longer you wait and do nothing, the more you put emotionally into the outcome of the maybe and if it fails, it usually crushes you more then if you did not wait.

They way I see it, you become way more attractive when you show that you are moving on with your life then when you are their waiting for something to happen.  You appear more desperate.  I rather work in a place of strength then weakness as I look at it.  The way I see it, a maybe will always means "Lets be friends" which is exactly how I would take it.  If that turns into something else, at least the other person will not feel bad if they switch gears and go a different direction because someone or something else entered the situation.