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mZuzek said:
Leynos said:

Just didn't have as much cool factor for its time. However, Matrix has aged like milk on a hot summer day in that regard.

Hard disagree on this. The movie's aged remarkably well, and its aesthetic has become a classic.

I can't say anything for the other film I never heard about, but the Matrix is one of the all-time greats.

Matrix gave us the cringe cliche of every game and movie wanting to do bullet-time and black trenchcoats. From Conker to Scary Movie. Everything had to be like the Matrix. So many PS2 games unironically ripped it off. Characters written to be too's cringe as fuck now. Even tho this film came out in 1999. It set the trend for how shitty the early 2000s came to be.  As long as it sounds "cool" with the no look look with black leather on. Everyone knew kung fu. The bad writing didn't matter. Like the sequels or an Underworld or in games your Bloodraynes and Angel of Darkness. It reflected back on The Matrix took us by surprise but on further examination. It's such shlock.

Matrix never made a damn lick of sense either. Machines using us as power when our nervous system could barely power a lightbulb. Much better ways to generate electricity. That dumbass plot point was only put in for the same reason Soylent Green is people in the movie Soylent Green. It only serves as an OMG shocking...even tho it makes little sense. But it's a movie...even a movie set in some fantasy needs something that seems plausible even if not.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!