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Bristow9091 said:
Runa216 said:

It sounds to me like you might just not be using a good build. I have never felt that Dark Souls III was clunky or obtuse. Then again, I adapt pretty easily. I went from a nimble hoonter ninja in bloodborne to a tankyboi in Dark Souls so what do I know? 

I mean, I went with a DEX build to use faster weapons to help adapt to the faster gameplay, but I really miss the dodges of Bloodborne, the rolls just feel like going back to the stone ages lol :P I wouldn't say my build isn't good, it's actually a ridiculously OP PvP build, and that's what I aimed for from the start, but that would also work with PvE. I capped my VIT at 27, DEX at 40, and everything else in END so I've got a ton of stamina for combos and rolls.

Also just sayin', but I too went from a speedy boi hoonter to a slow and steady tank on Dark Souls Remastered, not necessarily a "tank" tank, but heavy armour and shield on my back (Grass Crest for stamina!) with a Black Knight Greatsword held in 2H, lol :P did completely fine with it too. Dark Souls 3 just feels like it's having a bit of an identity crisis... the attacks, enemy movement and attacks scream Bloodborne, whereas the player movement screams Souls... I think if they either slowed enemies down a bit, or allowed players to dodge Bloodborne style, it'd solve my only real issue with the game lol. Don't get me wrong though, other than that the game is actually amazing, lol :P 

How's your weight to strength ratio? Gotta keep it under 70% (As I'm sure you know since you played Dark Souls 1). I had a hard time keeping it balanced but once I did I found it ALMOST as clean as Bloodborne. 

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