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Machiavellian said:
curl-6 said:

The girl I asked out said she's free to catch up once she finishes work training, but that's not til mid May, and I don't know if this is socially correct behaviour but I'm continuing the search in the mean time, and just asked out another girl I met on Coffee Meet Bagel. Waiting on her answer. Over two months feels like a long time to sit by and do nothing pinning my hopes on a potential date that has yet to happen.

I would say its definitely correct behavior.  Never hold out on a maybe and instead continue to pursue what you are looking for. Your maybe could find someone else and be like "Oh, well I found someone else sorry" and you would feel like a fool for waiting. If the maybe comes back and you are still available great.  If not then you at least have a decision, keep going with what you have now or go with the maybe.  I have faced way to many maybe and then that person just moves on without ever giving me a shot.

Actually this happen with my son where the girl stated she was doing her masters and did not want to commit to any relationship at the moment.  I told him to move on but still be cool and do not hold any grudges, she is just not in the same place where you are at.  She end up leaving the college and going back home which was far away.  Turns out after about 6 months, she came back to the same city and sought him out.  They are not dating but during that time when she was gone he was dating a few other girls which got back to her and she felt she needed to come back and stake her claim.  

Thank you.

This was basically how I thought of it, waiting two months on a "maybe" and not keeping my options open in the mean time seemed really limiting and like it could waste a lot of my time. Especially as I've just matched with this other girl. Man I'm so damn nervous even when messaging women, just holding a conversation feels like juggling while walking a tightrope, blind-folded haha.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 13 March 2021

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