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Rob5VGC said:
Vodacixi said:

Aqua is a terribly written character though... like most new KH characters from BbS onwards

And even if we are only talking about badassery... while it's true that she's pretty badass in BbS and 0.2, she gets her ass kicked every single time in KH III. So... yeah.

Your intentions are clear. You just wanted to talk shit about Aqua (most likely because its Kingdom Hearts like the majority of non-Japanese sheep). Did you read the title and OP? If you did, you wouldn't be talking about "written" and saying "though" as if you were making a point. You weren't.

She gets her ass kicked "every single time in KH3"?

1. In order to save her.

2. She threw herself in the way to protect someone in a fight against someone she beat in BBS.

3. Post traumatic "I've been in the Dark World for 11 years" disorder.

4. Got to let the one who got his body possessed save her even though she beat the one controlling his body in BBS.

So... yeah. Go find someone else to talk shit about for no reason because you're off topic and the points you brought up were weak as shit and inconsistent. Imagine trying to correlate a characters story, which she has no control of, as a response to "She'd beat all these other characters listed", which is based on pure abilities just to shit on a character. How can you say someone is terribly written when you can't even read the OP properly and you have bad eye sight? Your words mean nothing.

Woah. Ok man.